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Beach Boys - Breakaway歌詞,Lyrics
Time will not wait for me
Time is my destiny
Why change the part of me
that has to be free

The love that passed me by
I found no reason why
but now each day is day filled with the love
that very same love
that passed me by
and that is why

I can break away
from that lonely life
And I can do what I wanna do
And break away from that empty life
And my world is new

When I laid down in my bed
I heard voices in my head
Tellin me now hey, it's only a dream

Before I thought of it
I had been out of it
And here's the answer I found instead
Found out it's in my head
Found out it's in my head
Found out it's in my head

I can break away to a better life
Where the shackles never hold me down
I'm gonna make a way
for each happy day
as my life turns around

Break away
break away
break away
break away
break away
break away

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